Connectivity that matters.

Impossibly connected

Our Story
In a ​dynamic and ever changing world, everyone should be afforded equal access to information and the freedom to do what they love, wherever they are. At Wafer, we believe information access ​is like oxygen, so we’re pushing the limits of the possible to invent a future where everyone can breathe. Communications can light up the darkest corners of the globe - no matter where you’re starting from, how far you need to go, or how difficult or dangerous the way, you’ll never feel unprepared with Wafer.
Our Technology

The world's most advanced antenna technology

Wafer, through years of fundamental research and development, has invented and built an Impossibly Thin™, low cost, high rate of production , rapidly steering flat panel antenna technology. Wafer is a fast growing company developing unique wireless communication systems for various applications, ranging from cellular systems and products (current and 5G) to Wi-Fi access points and clients, and all the way to high frequency systems such as SATCOM, Point to Point and Point to MultiPoint at the micro-wave and millimeter wave range for space and terrestrial systems.

When it matters most.


First Responders

Keeping first responders connected during emergencies and disasters. Wafer's terminals can be combined to create a self forming network.

Maritime and Aviation

Keeping people connected at sea and in the sky anywhere on the planet, even over the poles. Wafer's antennas can conform to the surface of any vehicle, ensuring zero drag and coverage no matter how you turn or bank.


Keeping our military connected means keeping our troops safe and effective. No matter how difficult or dangerous the task, Wafer's light weight and rapidly deployable design is perfect for comms on the move or on the halt.

Anywhere you need it.